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Who doesn't love being treated? I adore receiving gifts and treats from my admirers - it's a surefire way to make me smile, catch my attention, or simp from afar, no matter your budget.

Wishtender -

My wishtender has items from a variety of shops, for a range of budgets. Updated regularly, you can gift smaller treats like chocolate and make up, bigger treats like luxury bedding, toys, and furniture, or something in between like boots or home decor. Either gift me anonymously, or make yourself known to get some some thank you treats in return!


Giftcards -

Amazon and Uber giftcards are always useful in day to day life, no matter the amount. Some shops with giftcards that I'd love to treat myself with include Etsy, Broke Boutique, The Ragged Priest, NoxShop, MM Latex, Primal Leather, Jinx Designs, Lorna Jane Harnesses, and The End Lingerie - although I also post shops I like on my instaram stories often! Gift cards can be sent via email.


Session Gifts -

Want to bring a gift to your session with me? Cash will always be the gift I prefer to receive from my in person admirers - there's just something about rolling around in a bed of it after you've gone! If you'd like to get me something more personal, I enjoy dark and spiced rums, and fruity gins. I collect wall hanging crucifixes and crosses, love pretty smoking paraphernalia, and will often be wowed by something simply because it's red and black, or has a lot of silver hardwear! I post items I'd like on my instagram stories often if you want to find out my latest desires.

Shopping Dates -

Would you believe I used to HATE shopping?! Turns out I love it when I'm being treated like a princess, with someone to browse with and buy for me. Spend as much time as you'd like out in public with me, chat with me, carry my bags for me, help me choose what to buy as I try on outfits. Maybe I'll even tease you with some dirty whispers in your ear or discrete touches while we're out. Can be extended into a lunch or dinner date.

Direct Tribute -

The easiest way to make sure you're gifting me EXACTLY what I'd like? Tribute me, and I'll decide the best way to spend it! If you're sending from afar, tributes of all prices can be made using my Wishtender. If you crave handing over cash to me directly, desperate to kneel before me and look into my eyes as you show me your devotion with financial submission, arrange a cashmeet in Manchester.

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