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About Me

I'm Fairy Odelia / Countess Odelia / fkinfairy - a professional and lifestyle kinkster from London, now living, working, thriving, and playing in Manchester! I'm non binary and use any pronouns, and sexually identify as queer - I'm attracted to all genders and any bodies. I enjoy exploring a wide range of kinks, and love finding new things to explore and indulge in as often as I can. Anything taboo that feels wrong and filthy will probably get me off, so doing filthy things for a living seemed like the right path for me!

Countess Odelia - Dominant

Online & In Person
A nurturing and sensual, yet condescending domme, I love giving my subs a mixture of comfort and fear, safety and humiliation, arousal and anticipation. Let me fuck with your head and make you feel a confusing combination of things that send you deeper and deeper into subspace. Some of my top kinks as a domme include toilet humiliation, ABDL, orgasm control, fisting, and humiliating tasks, although there are many MANY more!

Fairy Odelia - Submissive

Online Only
Obedient and well behaved, I'm a sub who loves to please. From service submission to having my holes used, I love being good and following orders, pleasing sexually and non sexually. Some of my favourite kinks as as sub include body markings, praise, breath play, ABDL, CGL, impact play, vaginal fisting, and of course... many more!

Although I love a wide array of kinks, everyone has limits, and I'm no exception. My limits as a dominant include homophobia, transphobia, race play, non christian/catholic blasphemy, and bare foot worship.


Online Content

Explicit roleplays, taboo filth, messy play, and so much more

Being my only standard subscription site, my onlyfans has more of my less extreme content than anywhere else! It's the site I started out on, so there's photos and videos dating back to the beginning of my career in 2019! With over 2000 photos and videos, it's the best place to go if you'd like to see the range my content has, without any hard kinks!

My onlyfans is NO PAY TO VIEW - all photos, clips, and full length videos will be posted directly on my page, not behind a paywall.


My ManyVids page is where you can find all my full length vanilla and less extreme fetish videos to purchase individually, including videos with other amazing creators. These videos include solo masturbation, femdom, group sex, lesdom, messy play, and more! It's also where you can find any physical items I have for sale, like panties, socks, body hair, etc,. It's a great way to purchase custom content from me, so if you've got a fantasy that you'd like to see me bring to life, MV is where to get it!

IWantClips is the clipsite to go to find my fetish and femdom content for individual purchase. With solo and partnered vids, choose whether you want to see videos of me being obedient and masochistic as a femsub, or whether you want to see me dominant and in charge. Here, you can also purchase custom content, to see me fulfil your fantasies!


Many of my videos are available to be purchased directly - send me payment on a payment app, and receive a link to the video you purchased, without needing to sign up to any sites. This is the only way to individually purchase my taboo and extreme vids that aren't usually allowed on other sites, such as vomit, toilet, and blood content. Custom content can also be purchased directly.

Email to enquire.

Taboo Content

Taboo content including blood, vomit, menstrual, and toilet videos can be purchased directly, either premade or custom.

My taboo toilet content can be found on my DarkFans, where you can view my most taboo clips and full length vids directly on my feed for your monthly subscription price. This is updated regularly.


Professional Domination & Fetish Sessions

With a nurturing personality and a perverted passion for all things extreme and taboo, I thrive in a variety of kinky settings and dominant roles. Sadistic, sensual, humiliating, and caring - maybe one day my domination style will narrow down, but for now, I'm loving being greedy and having it all!

Some of my favourite kinks and acts to indulge in during sessions include CBT, pet play, impact, pegging, toilet play, humiliation, trampling, worship, ABDL, double domination, and verbal play, although the list goes on! Not a month goes by where I don't find a new kink to explore and love, so if you're curious about whether I'll do something - just ask!

I love working alongside other dommes in duo sessions, and regularly work with The Kink Faerie, my best friend. Our friendship, chemistry, and connection is apparent as we domme together, bouncing off of each other effortlessly as we control you with ease.


Sessions are hosted at The Manchester Chambers, in Ashton-Under-Lyne - a dungeon with fantastic facilities for all sorts of filthy fun. With spanking benches, cages, swings, beds, toys, bondage gear, mirrors, toilet boxes, and so much more, there's not much we can't get up to there! Outcalls are available at my discretion, for kinks not available at the dungeon, longer sessions, or regular clients.

As perverted as I am, everyone has limits, and I'm no exception. My limits as a dominant include homophobia, transphobia, race play, non christian/catholic blasphemy, and bare foot worship.

I'm happy to answer questions before sessions are booked, but will not put up with excessive messaging or invasive questions without a tribute or booking in place.


Dungeon Solo                                                 - £150/hour

Dungeon Solo Intimate/Messy/HS               - £250/hour

Dungeon Duo                                                 - £250/hour

Dungeon Duo Intimate/Messy/HS                -£350/hour

Outcall                                                            - £200/hour


+ £50/hour to film for your own personal viewing

Included in price is a deposit of £70 for the first hour, and £50 for every additional hour

To book a session with Me, fill out My session request form thoroughly and with consideration.