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Professional pervert, dominatrix, fetish provider, & content creator

I'm Countess Fairy Odelia (they/she/he) - a queer, non binary, and alternative professional and lifestyle kinkster in Manchester, with a love for kink, music, chains, chunky boots, and chocolate. Kink has been a huge part of my life since I started sex work at 19. Although I began my kink journey as a submissive (because that's the box I'd already been put in!), I quickly discovered my love for domination and hedonism, mostly thanks to twitter! I've been creating content and providing services online for 5 years, and extended that venture into real time domination and fetish sessions in early 2022. Since then, my focus has been mainly on real time sessions, although I do still create and release content of many types! My kink identity, domination style, fetishes, and dynamics have evolved, grown, and flourished over the years, and I'm excited see where the future takes me. Let me invite you in to my kinky little world...


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